Progress Report 3-18-2019

I’ve been editing what started out being one book since 2014. I published the work as an advance reading copy at the beginning of 2019. That’s a long time to be editing, but this work has been a time of growth and challenge for me. It’s been an intense time of being challenged by the King of kings. It started with a challenge from Him, and it continues as a challenge from Him. I’m convinced that He won’t stop until everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and only that which cannot be shaken (the divine) will remain. The book is available for download now at

Why Are Young People Really Leaving the Church?

Portrait of a happy mature man and woman carrying kids on back

Many have come forward with the solution to keeping young people in the Church. God, through Scripture, says that if you train up the child in the way that he or she should go, that child won’t depart from it when he or she is old. What does it mean to train up the child. God says a lot about this in Scripture. How many parents follow the pattern of Scripture, though?


God Speaks Many Ways


Rationalism is make-believe. The human mind can’t really self-generate knowledge without the benefit of observation or Divine revelation. There’s a difference between reality and make-believe. Rationalizing blurs the difference.

When looking at things in the present, there are two ways to try to know how they got the way that they are. One is rationalism. The other is Divine revelation. Rationalism can go anywhere. Divine revelation is restricted to what God is saying. Faith (certainty of belief) comes by hearing and hearing by the rhema of God. “Rhema” is a Greek word that means “utterance.” God speaks through Scripture and through every means mentioned in Scripture. Our part is to acknowledge Him.


Reason the Book: Update on progress

The editorial process is taking a lot of time. Since I’ve only blogged in the past, setting everything up for marketing is time-consuming. Please be patient. The book will be coming. The release-date hasn’t been set yet. ~ Petros